Thoughts on Backpacking and Travelling Around Europe

MONDAY, JUNE 17, 2013

Recently, I came back from a 3 week backpacking trip around Europe. The differences in Canadian culture compared to various parts of Europe can be subtle, but here are the things I noticed along the way, as well as a few potentially useful tips.


Random Observations

  • - Venice is much nicer than I thought it would be (my expectations were low)
  • - Japanese signage was more prominent than Chinese signage
  • - I don't understand rules about tap water in restaurants, some would serve it to us, while other's refused
  • - house wine gets cheaper the further south you go
  • - McDonalds is slightly different in every country, I still regret not having the McBaguette
  • - Italy didn't have free wifi at major stations (at least when I checked)
  • - Indonesian food is a big thing in Amsterdamn

I'll be adding to the list as I remember them.